Graffiti on walls will cost you extra! 
So You Want To Paint?

Marker, Ink or Oils will cost you extra!

Ivy Hall does paint accent walls.
Please do not paint over our accent walls.

Please feel free to paint other walls in your apartment IF:

* You use only "flat" paint and ~

* You are willing to repaint back to flat white (Ivy will supply the white paint)  or ~

* You are willing to pay the applicable rates for Ivy to repaint it back to white
(See "Rates" below.)

If you are a current tenant and you have painted areas in the apartment
and the next tenants would like to keep it,

please print out the "Painting Agreement" form (below),
YOU (and all current tenants) and THEY (all incoming tenants)

must fill out the form, sign it
and submit it to the Ivy office before the end of your lease.

If you are a new tenant and have accepted an already painted apartment,
please keep in mind that you are now responsible
for returning the apartment back to white before you leave,
unless the next tenants choose to keep the paint as it is
and then they will be responsible for turning it back to white.

Painting Agreement Form

$100 per room to apply primer if needed *
$100 per room for Ivy to repaint flat white

* primer will be necessary if you use - markers, ink, oil based paints or any other
hard to cover substances on your walls.
This does not include the removal of any items such as stickers, appliqués etc... stuck to the wall.

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