Important Information For Applicants


What to expect from the time you apply
- to the time you move-in!
"Thank You" for making Ivy your next home!

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1. Download & Print or stop by our office to get an application.
2. The application must be completely filled out.
3. Pages 1-3 are to be completed by you.
4. Pages 4-6 are to be completed by a co-signer (such as a parent or whoever
will be helping you pay your rent.)
5. If you are working full time and have been for at least 1 full year,
you will not need a co-signer. Please attach at least 4 consecutive, recent pay stubs to your application.
6. Each student must complete their own application and pay an application
fee of $30. Application fees are non-refundable unless we do not have an
apartment to assign to you.
 7. Once we have received at least 1 completed application from your group,
we will place you on our "Assignment Waiting" list.
We usually assign apartments in February.  All requests for specific apartments will be considered if
they are stated on the application.  All roommates must have all apps completed and
turned in to us at that time in order for you to be assigned an apartment.



Applications are assigned on a "first come first served" basis. So the earlier
you turn in your application, the better. In January/February
we determine any renewal tenants. Once that is completed, we will begin
assigning apartments. We will contact you either by phone, or by email.
All leases must be signed within 30 days of our initial effort to contact you.
If you do not respond in a timely manner to our messages or to our mailings
we will re-assign the apartment and your application will be placed in
our "dead" file. You can contact us and request that your application to be
placed back on the waiting list, but you must be diligent in responding to all
necessary procedures.


Once we have contacted you with your apartment assignment, we will let
you know that you have 30 days to sign the lease agreement and turn it
into Ivy office.
Once you have determined the day and time all can attend, you must
contact Ivy to make an appointment.


Before you come to your lease appointment,
please do the following:


1. Each apartment group must Download, Print, Read and sign one copy of the lease
    agreement. This copy is the copy everyone will sign and turn in to Ivy. You may
    however, print other copies of the lease agreement for your own personal use.
2. Bring this signed copy to the lease signing appointment with you.
3. Have already decided if you want the "A" list or the "B" list.
    (For more information on the A or B list see: "At Lease Signing"

1. Bring 1 check for the Security Deposit. This amount is equal to the rent
    and is deposited in a separate account from the rent. Therefore, we must
    have 1 check or a pile of checks equaling the amount due for Security.
2. Bring 1 check for the Rent. We again must have 1 check or a pile of checks equaling
    the amount due for Rent.

Sometimes roommate situations can change. We understand that and will
work with you. If you have a change in a roommate, please contact us
to let us know who is no longer living with you or who you wish to add to your lease.



The "A" List
You will be asked if you desire to be on our "A" list or our "B" list.
This should be decided BEFORE you come. Those who choose the
"A" list are those who need their apartment as soon as it is possible for
us to get it ready for them. Some are taking classes, some are
working, etc...Most current leases end May 31st, June 30th, or
July 31st which means that if the old tenants do not move out early, they
are entitled to the apartment until their last day.
Our new leases begin on June1st, July 1st, or August 1st. Once the
old tenant is out, we will immediately inspect and photograph or video
the apartment. After the inspection is complete, we will work on all of our
 "A" list apartments.
If you choose the "A" list, we will begin painting, cleaning and making
any repairs necessary to your apartment as quickly as possible. Your
apartment could be ready on the 1st or soon after. Most of those on the
"A" list are move-in ready within the first few days.

The "B" List
Those who choose the "B" list are those who do not need their apartment
right away. These people will be here sometime over the summer and but
do not plan on moving in right away.
For those on the "B" list, their apartment can be move-in ready between
the 1st and 20th of the same month their lease starts. All apartments are
completed, at the latest, within the month the lease begins.

 Rent Reduction
For those on the "B" list, we pro-rate the following month's rent.
That means that we will reduce your next month's rent by the amount of
days that it takes us to get your apartment ready. The day your apartment is
ready is the day you begin paying rent.
You are responsible to contact us to find out when your apartment is ready.
We do not contact you. After we have finished your apartment, your
apartment will sit until you contact us to determine when it was ready and
to make key arrangements with us.

Other Information

We will go over other key points with you at lease signing, however you
should have already read the entire lease agreement before you come.
At lease appointment, this is your opportunity to ask any questions regarding
the lease agreement.
Once the lease process is completed and your Security Deposit and Rent is
paid to us we will give you 1 copy of the lease agreement along with other
important paperwork. Please do not lose this paperwork. You can, on your
own, make other copies of the lease agreement to disburse among one another
or to co-signers etc... 



If you are on the "A" list, please call us on the 1st. We will tell you if we
have inspected your apartment, what it looks like, and either try to give you
an estimated date as to when it will be move-in ready or ask you to call us
back so we can determine that information. You may call us each day if you
desire. The day it is move-in ready is the day you begin paying rent
regardless of the day you plan to move-in. We will always try to give you
a good estimate ahead of time as to when the apartment will be ready.

If you are on the "B" list, please keep in mind, that we will be working on
our "A" list apartments first. You may, however, call us anytime to determine
if your apartment is ready or has been inspected.
If our "A" list is quite short, we will begin our "B" list immediately after,
therefore, yours may be done at the beginning of the month. The day we
determine it move-in ready is the day you begin paying rent. The days it was
not ready will be pro-rated.

Once you are told your apartment is ready, you are ready to begin the
Key-Pick Up Process!


To begin your key pick-up process, after you have been told that your
apartment is ready by Ivy, please do the following:
1. You will need to determine whose name the electricity will be under.
     That person will need to make all electric arrangements.
2.  Contact the City of Newark at 302-366-7085 to have the electric turned on.
     You may go in person or call. (Please see Utility Connections
3.  Once the electric is on, please contact us to arrange to get a key or have the
     key mailed to you if you plan on coming on a weekend.
     Our office is not open on weekends. 

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