Natural Gas


Your stove is gas with teeny-tiny pilot lights that remain lit in 2 places under the top. The top of your stove will be warm or hot. It is normal. Your stove is located next to a window. If your window is open and wind blows in, it could blow out the pilot lights for the top burners or the pilot light for the oven. If that happens, you will begin to smell a tiny bit of gas emitting into the air. Your apartment will NOT blow up due to the pilot lights being out! If you are knowledgeable and capable, simply lift the top of the stove up to see in between each of the two burners on either side.
You should see a very tiny flame.
If you do not see a flame on one side or the other or both, the pilot light has gone out.
Do not turn your stove knob in the on position. Keep your stove burners off.
However, if you desire, light a match to the small area in between the burners and the pilot will light automatically. You will need to close your window until the wind dies down so this will not continue to happen. If you see 2 flames on both sides of the stove, then the smell may be coming from your oven. Again there is a pilot light under the oven. If you place a lit match underneath you should be able to hear it light. Do not turn your oven on. If you do not want to try lighting any of your pilots, please contact Ivy Office and someone will do it for you or show you how. 

Your heat is gas as well. Please check your thermostat, that is the small square thing on the wall in the living room that has a lever on it to turn the temperature up or down.
When you turn your gas on, please regularly check the thermostat to be sure it remains on the temperature you desire. Someone can easily set this on a temperature that causes your heater to run constantly, causing your gas bill to be enormous!
All windows should be properly closed both at the top and the bottom when the heat is on. If you are feeling air from around the windows, please check the very top. Many times people do not notice the that the top part of the window is open.
The heat is not forced hot air. The heat will be coming from pipes located behind a radiator in each room. These pipes will become hot. If you have furniture blocking the radiators you will not feel much heat coming from them. So during very cold days, be sure all furniture is moved away from them.
If you have adjusted your temperature and moved your furniture and you still do not feel any heat, you may need to open or adjust  the levers on the radiator so heat will be emitted properly.
If after you have done that, or if the radiators do not feel warm or hot, please call Ivy Office and we will determine the problem.

Questions or Emergencies regarding your Gas can be directed to Delmarva Power 302-454-0317

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